Mladen Glasenhardt (23/05/1942 – 25/02/2011)


The President of the Croatian Information Technology Association (CITA) Mladen Glasenhardt passed away suddenly on Friday, 25th February 2011.

Mr. Glasenhardt was born in Zagreb on 23rd May 1942. After completing primary and second-level education in his hometown, he continued his studies in Law at university. His professional life in Croatia began with investing in the development of the UNIVAC – the first commercial computer produced in the USA, after which he embarked on the most important and long-standing part of his career with Infosistem. As one of the first few employees and a founding member of Infosistem, Mladen was greatly involved in the initial stages of the company’s development in Croatia. Over the years he helped to maintain their excellent international reputation in the field of information systems and technology. His colleagues will remember Mladen for the utmost respect he awarded to employees, his concern for their welfare and progress, and above all for his generosity of spirit and assistance in training the staff. He will forever be remembered for his kind assistance to those in need during the Croatian War of Independence, and for his general caring spirit in supporting community sporting and cultural activities.

Since 2002, Mr. Glasenhardt was the President of CITA and actively involved in ECDL and CEPIS activities. We fondly remember the several occasions where he attended CEPIS Council meetings in the past, and particularly his great warmth and sense of humour.

Mladen will be sorely missed by his family, friends, colleagues and fellow Members of CEPIS.

A memorial was held on the morning of Wednesday, 2nd March, in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering & Computing followed in the afternoon by the funeral service at Mirogoj cemetery in Zagreb.