OCG needs Your Support! European Citizen’s Initiative on Data Privacy

Privacy is a fundamental human right and must be reinforced with respect to our digital life. The Data Retention Directive and the latest draft of the SWIFT agreement show that ongoing discussions in relation to the issue of data privacy are occurring in Europe. A European Citizen's Initiative proposal to strengthen digital privacy was presented at the 44th CEPIS Council in April 2010 in Bucharest by Gerald Futschek from the Austrian computer society, Oesterreichisches Computer Gesellschaft (OCG).

In order for this proposal to be a success, 1,000,000 supporters are needed from at least nine European countries. Such an initiative is an excellent opportunity for informatics societies within CEPIS and beyond to contribute positively to society.

CEPIS members are invited to express their interest in supporting this initiative through an online poll.

Click here to participate in the doodle poll

Please distribute this link above to any other members in your society who may have a keen interest in the issues of digital privacy in Europe.

Thank you to Gerald Futschek from OCG for this contribution.