CEPIS President leads e-Skills round table discussion

A round table discussion, "e-Skills - a challenge for the beginning of the 21st century" was held on 16th July in Arad, Romania as part of the 4th International Workshop on Soft Computing Applications (SOFA 2010). This interesting discussion was moderated by Prof. Vasile Baltac, President of CEPIS and ATIC Romania.

Participants agreed that the unparalleled development of the Information Society needs more ICT skills than ever. Billions of individuals still have to master basic ICT skills and an increasing number of specialists have to be trained to possess highly professional skills. Universities are looked upon as the major source of these professionals and the ICT industry has many expectations in this respect. The round table discussed how graduates from various ICT faculties or specialisations give satisfaction to employers, and also discussed the approach to re-training graduates from non-ICT faculties. It also addressed what software programmers, system analysts, system architects, administrators of data bases, services, applications security experts believe to be the correct level of ICT training.

An interesting debate occurred around those subjects that the ICT industry believe to be missing or insufficiently covered within university curricula e.g. telecom network topologies, data base administration, UNIX, software testing and integration etc. There are even opinions that the present list of job types in ICT is completely outdated. The CEPIS e-Skills agenda was also presented and debated.