DIDAMATICA 2010:Conference Report

DIDAMATICA 2010, organised by AICA, is a successful annual convention to provide an extensive and in-depth review of IT applications in education, and in teaching and learning processes. This national event took place in Rome from 21st-23rd April this year.

More than 400 participants from Italian universities, schools, institutions, private education companies and industries attended the three-day convention located in Rome's University "La Sapienza". The intensive event programme included:

  • four plenary sessions dedicated to specific e-learning areas and knowledge assessment.
  • three acknowledged researchers as guest speakers.
  • two workshops organized by the Italian Ministry of Education.
  • five workshops dedicated to experience and application (e-learning methods and best practices, simulations, evaluation and testing of acquired knowledge and so on).
  • 14 parallel sessions where authors presented their approved papers.

This event also opened up the debate surrounding the recent restructuring of the secondary school curriculum giving IT an increased role within schools.

DIDAMATICA 2010 was organised by AICA in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Education and the three technical universities of Rome: La Sapienza, Tor Vergata and Roma Tre.

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