Successful e-Skills Week in Serbia

During e-Skills Week 2010 in Serbia, JISA enrolled 1260 participants across their 150 ECDL test centres in Serbia and Montenegro to receive a free skills cards upon successful completion of one module test. Over 800 people successfully passed their first test and received their free skills cards.

At the e-Skills Week closing ceremony on March 5th, in Belgrade, Djordje Dukic, president of JISA highlighted the huge losses that companies and institutions are now unconsciously suffering by delaying IT-skills testing for their employees.

In addition as part of the week-long campaign in Serbia, 20% of all public buses in Belgrade were covered in the e-Skills week and ECDL logos, accompanied by the slogan (in Serbian) "Digital Literacy for All".

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Thank you to Djordje Dukic from JISA for this contribution.