Twin event to motivate young informatics students

The German Informatics Society (GI) held two parallel events on March 19th and 20th: 'informatiCup' and the so called Informatiktage (Days of Informatics).

As usual during spring break, young informatics students do not celebrate their break but instead get involved in two projects to prepare for their academic or professional futures:

informatiCup is a contest for students in the D/A/CH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region. It is not a usual programming (lines of code within a specific timeframe) event but motivates teams of students to cope with new technologies and to develop solutions. It is a theoretical, problem solving and software technical challenge in one. This year, Deutsche Bank, Sun Microsystems and PPI AG awarded prizes to three winners from 19 different teams.

'Informatiktage' (Days of Informatics) has existed since 1999. 100 selected students had the opportunity to meet industry representatives at this event.  This year, Capgemini, iteratec, Micromata, PPI AG, Sirrix AG and Deutsche Telekom had face to face meetings, participated in workshops together, and judged posters and the 'first' scientific papers of attendees which are now published in the GI-owned 'Lecture Notes in Informatics' publication series.

Another highlight was a talk show (incl. podcast) on current problems of data security with Germany's federal government Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, Peter Schaar. It was the place to meet some promising young people during spring break.

Please contact Ludger Porada from GI for further information

Thank you to Peter Federer and Ludger Porada from GI for this contribution.