e-Government Web Portal Announcement

A web portal is available for all academics, students, and researchers who study digital government (e-government) and the use of IT in public administration, including specialists in these fields. Citizens who are interested in learning about these topics, and who use e-government services may also find useful information through this portal.

The aim of the portal is to contribute to digital government approach in public administration by raising awareness, and providing scientific and objective information to citizens, so that they can engage better with digital government practices.

The web portal includes up-to-date documents and reports about the improvements and initiatives in e-government, provides information about academic conferences and workshops, links to e-government portals and online services and articles by top academics in this area. Digital-government.net also has a Youtube channel and a group on Linkedin.

Thank you to R. Erdem Erkul, from the Informatics Association of Turkey for this contribution.