International Multi-Conference on Computer Science and IT

The 2009 edition of the International Multi-Conference on Computer Science and IT (IMCSIT) conference was held in Mragowo, Poland in October 2009. The scientific part consisted of 12 conferences/workshops/symposia devoted to: 

  • Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
  • Business Intelligence
  • Computer Linguistics - Applications e-Commerce and e-Government
  • Intelligent Mobile Technology for Social Change
  • Medical Informatics and Engineering
  • Multimedia - Applications and Processing
  • Principles of Information Technology and Applications
  • Workshop on Real-Time programming / Real-time Software
  • Advanced in Programming Language
  • Ad-hoc Wireless Networks
  • Computational Optimization

In addition, the conference included a joint session devoted to Research & Development which was organised by the IMCSIT and Polish Information Processing Society.

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