Conference: Seamless care - safe care The Challenges of Interoperability and Patient Safety in Health Care

EFMI in cooperation with Fókus - the Icelandic Health Informatics Society and ISIP - the Icelandic Society of Information Processing will host a Special Topic Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland from 2-4th June 2010 entitled ‘Seamless Care-Safe Care: The Challenges of Interoperability and Patient Safety in Health Care'.

The conference will explore the challenges facing the electronic exchange of health information, particularly interoperability of systems and its implication for patient safety and continuity of care. It invites the participants to reflect on the levels laid out by the EU recommendation of 2008 on interoperability of electronic health record systems, namely political, organisational, technical and semantic levels and in education and awareness-raising. Furthermore the issue of traceability will be highlighted in the conference by a special workshop jointly organized by HL7 and GS1.

This is a unique opportunity to attend an exciting conference and at the same time experience beautiful Icelandic nature. A special post-conference trip around Iceland with combined sightseeing and visits to health care institutions will be organized as well as other tours.

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