The BCS Transformation Programme

BCS has spent the last year researching and analysing how best it can contribute to the principles of its charter. This work culminated in the launch of a major transformation programme on 23 September. One of the many challenges was how to tackle the apparently orthogonal goals of increasing membership (now in excess of 70,000) across a wide spectrum of those using IT systems while at the same time gaining and keeping the respect of those professionals who design, develop and implement IT systems. Among a wide range of initiatives two stand out.

The new BCS will establish a wide range of new qualifications, products and services all supported by a brand new website offering simplified sign-up, subscription management, better industry-academia contact, state of the art knowledge-sharing and career development tools. The premier qualification is Chartered status CITP which will include a Certificate of Current Competence lasting for five years. Over 500 assessors have been recruited from the current CITP cohort and are being trained to ensure rigour in the process.

The BCS Academy of Computing set up in partnership with key stakeholders such as CPHC (Council of Professors and Heads of Computing) will address how best to nurture continued ingenuity, inventiveness and innovation in computing, will endeavour to ensure the relevance of computing knowledge throughout the education, business and research sectors and engage with the public in order to facilitate informed debate about the roles computing should play in society at large.

Thanks to Bob McLaughlin, BCS for this contribution.