8th European Conference on Digital Archiving

April 28-30, 2010

Schweizer Informatik Gesellschaft (SI) will host the 8th European Conference on Digital Archiving in Geneva from 28th to 30th April 2010. The conference has been organised by the Swiss Federal Archives together with the European Regional Branch and Professional Associations Section of the International Council on Archives (ICA). 

Digital archiving has been a key issue for archivists for more than two decades. It has long been apparent that the rapid advances in information and communications technology are not only changing methods of archiving, but also call into question fundamental principles of archiving. In recent years, major investments have been made in research, resulting not only in new applications but also in extensive literature on the theory of archiving. A constant exchange of knowledge and experiences is needed more than ever, so that all European archives can successfully devise sustainable solutions for the future. This is the central theme of the Geneva Conference.

The conference will present a rich program for cross-professional exchange and discussion with plenary lectures, discussion forums and workshops. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet well known guest speakers, experienced professionals as well as promising young colleagues.

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