3rd. Edition of the Novática Award

The 3rd Edition of the Novática Award has been presented to the best article published in 2007 by Novática, the journal of the Spanish CEPIS society ATI (Asociación de Técnicos de Informática), and publisher of UPGRADE on behalf of CEPIS.

From a final shortlist of five articles, the jury, comprising of the 49 editors of Novática's various technical sections, selected the winner: "Adversarial Information Retrieval in the Web". This article was authored by Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Head of the Research Labs of Yahoo! in Santiago, Chile, and Barcelona, Spain), Paolo Boldi (Professor in the Dept. of Information Systems at the University of Milan, Italy) and José-María Gómez-Hidalgo (Head of R&D, Optenet, Spain).

For further information, please contact Llorenç Pagés-Casas, Chief Editor of Novática and UPGRADE.

Thanks to Rafael Fernández Calvo from ATI for this contribution.

Innovation Value Institute (IVI