SEFICT - South East Europe Forum for ICT, 9th -11th June, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The South East Europe Forum for ICT(SEFICT) was founded by the Economic Chambers and Informatics Societies of the South Eastern Europe region. Their aim is to improve mutual cooperation in the region and increase trade, cooperation and participate in externally financed projects.

Established as a follow up to Congress JISA, the Conference over the years confirmed its importance in the region. This year will include working meetings of the Informatics Societies Presidents of each countries in the region.

This initiative is supported by the European Chamber of Economy, Trade and Industry from Brussels, which will help improve the ability of the meeting to impact cooperation in the region.

The regional importance of SEFICT is reinforced by the cohesion of new societies and associations in neighbouring countries, such as DICG – Montenegrin Informatics Society, and some initiatives of the various Chambers of Commerce, the Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Society of the Republic of Serbia as well as others from region. These organisations represent the strong cohesion of the public and private ICT sector to influence the development of information society in the region.