How to Motivate Informatics Fresh Blood

Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI) encourages young informatics students to share experiences, knowledge and ideas and thus motivate them to communicate and collaborate.

To achieve this, GI and the students themselves have established open platforms that are not restricted only to members.

Student Groups: Grass-root initiatives have been founded at some universities to enable students to meet, learn from each other and plan and accomplish their ideas. These include for example visits to the CEBIT fair or the blackberry plant.

Self organised Twitter Microblogging named 'Informatics radar' enables students to discuss pertinent issues such as: What are the buzzwords of the month? What are upcoming trends students are faced with leaving university? What do employers expect now, in a year, in two years? For more on these discussion please see:

Jabber Service: As announced on 'We're Informatics', a jabber service came to life this year. Starting as a standalone service and now embedded into worldwide jabber network, conference rooms and private chats are constantly used as part of this service.

GI plans to establish rooms which provide opportunities to talk with specialists within their professional groups. By being active within these rooms, students will feel empowered to ask their questions – even anonymously - about their special interests or challenges faced with in their lectures. These talks shall be repeated periodically.

Wiki: Additionally GI plans to enrich its existing Wiki to let members share and exchange knowledge easily. This platform is highly recommended by GI membership. This collaborative platform enables the creation of a knowledge base on any issue that our professional groups have worked on. This concept was originally tested within a closed community.

Currently GI makes content readable for everyone, with only the publishing and commenting options closed to the public. This enables anyone to passively participate in what GI is working on.

These activities are part of the education/ motivation/certification portfolio of GI Group. Including the new "K IT A" basic IT qualification for kindergarten teachers, and "you start IT" ECDL entry for 5th and 6th grade pupils.

Thanks to Marcus Kruger, Head of IT-Services, Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI) for this contribution.