JISA Donation: ECDL Training for 2000 Schools in Serbia

Telekom Serbia, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Societies, with the special patronage of the President of the Republic of Serbia, has organised the first 'e-dukacij@' donor meeting. The meeting was attended by a large number companies as well as representatives from cultural and public life.

The goal of this donor meeting was to provide computer equipment for Internet classrooms in schools all over Serbia, which in addition to free Internet access donated by Telekom Serbia, should be adequately equipped and supported by appropriate IT training programmes.
JISA – Union of ICT Societies Serbia decided to support this action by providing ECDL online training for all schools. We believe that this is a good starting point for introducing the ECDL standard into all Serbian educational institutions. We expect all teachers in our schools to pass ECDL training as well as their foreign colleagues from developed countries, in order to be prepared for modern teaching using ICT and its advantages!

In addition, JISA, in cooperation with the Association of Informatics teachers, has decided to certify approximately 70 teachers free of charge in the next 2 months.

Thanks to Bojana Minic from JISA for this contribution.