Computing in Schools SIN

CEPIS Computing in Schools Special Interest Network


The lack of recognition of Computer Science as a crucial school subject has been identified as a one of the key reasons explaining the lack of interest for ICT careers. In order to bolster members’ efforts to promote high standards in informatics education, and ultimately bridge the gap between supply and demand for ICT professionals in Europe today, CEPIS established a Special Interest Network (SIN) dedicated to the topic of ‘Computing in School’. The CEPIS Computing in School SIN aims to help member societies engage purposefully with schools. It aims to:

  1. For those members who are well advanced in working with schools, to develop networking and exchange platforms
  2. For those members beginning to engage to provide mentoring and support
  3. For those members not yet engaged (or not willing) to provide basic advocacy and guidelines
  4. For those who do not value work with schools to provide exemplars to change

In 2014, the CEPIS Computing in School SIN produced an advocacy paper targeting Ministries of Education across Europe. The paper argues that children’s digital education should be reformed to better integrate Computer Science in school curricula. It describes the issues arising from the lack of computing in schools, and outlines practical steps to develop Computer Science in the classroom. The paper is available for download here.