Hale Parlayan-Ceyhan

Thumbnail_Giselle“If you like technology and you have an interest in development and communication; then a career in ICT awaits you. This is a great sector for women, it’s not really different than in other careers. Go for it!”, says Hale Parlayan-Ceyhan. She is the IT Director for Truvo Services & Technology BV, a Dutch company specialising in local search and advertising.

Quote_Giselle_1"There are already a lot of women working in the ICT field who are quite successful in their jobs. However there is a high demand for qualified IT staff but not enough young people are undertaking ICT-related studies”, comments Hale.

“I decided to study and work in ICT when I was in high school. I graduated in Computer Engineering in 1983 and since then I’ve always worked in the IT sector. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!”, says Hale enthusiastically.

“What I love about my job is the variety of responsibilities and roles. Strong soft skills such as people management are essential in type of role. It’s also important to have very good analytical and technical skills for software development.” she explains.

ArnQuote1Hale particularly likes the international dimension of her career: “I worked with many multi-national projects with teams from around the world, such as South Africa, Puerto Rico, and Norway.  It’s very rewarding to work with people from different cultures and to travel to these countries. This is an example of the great opportunities offered by the ICT sector”.

 “I am a true professional, I know the IT field very well, and I have managed many challenging projects. And I still love my job and truly enjoy the IT sector. I have balanced work with my professional life as I have been raising my daughter’, concludes Hale.

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