Giselle Vercauteren

Thumbnail_Giselle“I love my job, I love IT, and I love to work with other women in IT”, says Giselle Vercauteren. She is Director for Strategy, Portfolio and PMO for,  a Belgian company specialising in digital marketing and communications solutions for companies.

“I am convinced that women can always find their way in the ICT sector. There are so many different jobs available, ranging from technical roles to more management-related ones”, explains Giselle.

Quote_Giselle_1She adds that “IT is ever-evolving and changing. It’s really vital to keep up with the latest evolutions and developments. Actually it’s very motivating to be part of a sector that is shaping the entire economy”.
“I have been addicted to maths since my childhood and I like working with people. Both aspects are perfectly combined in ICT roles such as business analyst, project manager, and IT manager”, says Giselle.  

She followed ICT-related studies after school and she never stopped learning new skills since then: “My studies provided me with the right qualifications to start my career. I also undertook several certifications, for example in project management. I also took marketing, leadership and business courses”.
Would she change any of her previous career decisions? “Actually I would study even more IT courses because they are part of the knowledge I need to give business advice”, explains Giselle.
“It’s important to make young girls aware that they too can have a great career in tech” says Giselle with conviction. Her advice to young women interested in a career in ICT is “Just do it, don’t let yourself be discouraged, and stay focussed on your goals!”.

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