Skevi Skordallou

SKEVI2Digital technology helped Skevi Skordallou, from Cyprus, turn her life around. “I was working as a cashier at a large shipping company and I decided that I needed to find a more creative and rewarding job. So I left everything and travelled to America to study Information Systems”, explains Skevi.


With her degree in hands, Skevi pursued a career in ICT whilst continuing to develop her expertise. “After obtaining my academic qualifications, I undertook numerous certifications and training on various topics ranging from software engineering to project management”, adds Skevi.

Skevi boasts a 23-year long career in ICT. She is an ICT Officer at Cyprus Airways where she heads planning logistics and customer services. “The best part of my job is learning about new technologies, meeting other experts, and planning the smooth implementation of new technologies. Working on customer services enables me to be creative and provide new ideas to solve IT issues and adopt standards to improve IT services”, she says.

Skevi’s career brought her many rewards, and she believes that there are many opportunities for young girls in the sector. “I wanted to live my life independently. My tech career helped me reach this goal by providing financial security and the opportunity to be creative and innovative”, she comments.


Despite her long career in ICT, Skevi thinks it is not always easy to be a woman in this field. “I have 23 years in ICT and I face challenges every day. This is good because you prove yourself on a continuous basis and you feel satisfaction of your achievements”, she says.

When she is asked if she thinks she is a role model, Skevi responds positively. “Role models should support young girls by sharing their experience, providing advice, and answering questions they might have. Women working in ICT need to develop a community, share knowledge, and support each other”.

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