CEPIS Releases a Code of Best Practices for Green ICT

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The Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS) is proposing a ‘Code of Best Practices for Green ICT’, to encourage organisations to use ICT in more sustainable ways, and ultimately reduce their impact on the environment.

CEPIS firmly believes in the importance of developing and maturing the ICT profession. To drive its development in a responsible manner, and take full advantage of the opportunities the sector can offer, CEPIS is committed to mobilising its members, and the ICT community at large, to promote Green ICT.

CEPIS’ ‘Code of Best Practices for Green ICT’ aims to facilitate the adoption of easy-to-implement, cost-saving best practices. It exhorts organisations to develop environmentally-friendly policies tailored to their use of ICT.
The Code recommends, inter alia, the acquisition of devices certified for their energy efficiency. It suggests companies track their energy consumption so as to be able to identify where the highest consumption lies and allow for decisions to be taken in accordance. Holding virtual meetings and taking advantage of teleconferencing technology is also identified as an effective means of reducing an organisation’s carbon footprint. In general, it is recommended to adopt a ‘big picture’ approach to identifying the environmental impacts of operations.

It is hoped that the Code will highlight the potential ICT has, across all sectors of activity, to help an organisation improve the sustainability of its operations.

European stakeholders are invited to commit their support to CEPIS’ ‘Code of Best Practices for Green ICT’ and encouraged to promote it amongst their respective networks.

Download CEPIS' 'Code of Best Practices for Green ICT’ and Infographic