Klaus Brunnstein - Rest in Peace

brunnsteinIt is with much sadness that we inform you that Klaus Brunnstein passed away on 19 May 2015 after a short period of illness. Klaus Brunnstein was an active and long-standing member of the CEPIS Task Force on Professionalism, a former board member of GI, as well as a published author and will be deeply missed.

Klaus Brunnstein had an impressive career as a renowned intellectual, and was widely recognized for both his scientific work and his civic engagement. He studied physics and mathematics in Marburg, Münster and Hamburg. In 1969 he cofounded the University of Hamburg’s Faculty for Informatics, before being appointed Professor for Application of Informatics in 1973. In 1988 he founded the University of Hamburg’s Virus Test Center.

An adamant advocate of the right to informational self-determination, Klaus Brunnstein was one of the plaintiffs that led to the German Constitutional Court’s Population Census Judgement and the subsequent suspension of the 1983 German Population Census. The judgement stipulated, for the first time in Germany, the right to informational self-determination and imposed strict limitations on the gathering of statistics, which were then incorporated into the Law on Statistics for Federal Purposes. His passion for data protection and privacy continued throughout his career.

The CEPIS Secretariat extends its condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.