Grand Coalition Launches "Toolkit for National & Local Coalitions"

GCThe Secretariat of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs has launched a “Toolkit for National and Local Coalitions”, to support stakeholders who wish to join the Grand Coalition at national or local level. It defines the role of these coalitions and clarifies the support available in setting up a new national coalition. Information about available funding opportunities to develop activities is also provided. National and Local Coalitions are multi-stakeholder partnerships which aim to promote and implement the objectives of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs in each EU Member State. They have already been launched in 8 Member States (Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Malta, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania). The Toolkit aims to help stakeholders develop an action plan to help bridge the gap between those seeking jobs in the ICT sector and the needs of the industry.

Download the Toolkit for National and Local Coalitions.