Save the Date: ABC4Trust Summit Event, January 20, Brussels

The Summit Event of the ABC4Trust project will take place on 20 January 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. During this event, the results of four years of intense research and piloting of privacy-enhancing authentication solutions will be presented.

The idea behind Privacy-ABC-based identity management, its advantages, and potentials will be discussed, and several application scenarios for Privacy-ABCs will be shown. Future developments in identity management will be presented such as the implementation of Privacy-ABCs on mobile devices, which will give a better protection of users’ privacy than existing solutions do.

Attendance is free of charge, but participants are asked to register by clicking here.

The agenda can be accessed on this page

What can Privacy-ABCs do?

The principle is simple. The user receives Attribute-based Credentials from an entity which can vouch for some attributes of the user. When authenticating to an online service, the user can choose which attributes are disclosed. This means, unnecessary personal information can be cut off. Privacy-ABCs can prevent usage patterns between different accesses of an individual user to the same or different services. The result is that the user can access online services anonymously and safely.

What did ABC4Trust do?

ABC4Trust developed a Privacy-ABC based system for electronic identification that protects the user's privacy and at the same time guarantees the security of her business partner. The project tested the system successfully in its two pilot trials, a communication platform and anonymous course evaluation.