e-Skills for Jobs Campaign 2014

eSkills2014e-Skills for Jobs 2014 is an exciting pan-European awareness-raising campaign on e-skills to help fill digital skills shortages, gaps and mismatches. The main focus will be to raise awareness of the education, training, jobs, and other opportunities that are available to people with e-skills.

Young people and those unemployed will be the key target groups of this campaign which aims to help tackle digital skills shortages, gaps and mismatches. Career opportunities in ICT, as well as the value of re- and upskilling for practitioners and businesses, will also be promoted during the campaign.

The campaign has already begun and it is taking place across 30 countries in Europe until November 2014. It builds upon the success of the previous e-Skills Week campaigns organised in 2010 and 2012. The activities organised during the campaign are expected to reach over 8 million people this year.

CEPIS supports this initiative and would like to encourage all organisations involved in  e-skills, both professional and end-user, to get involved in this campaign. Click here to get in touch with your national point of contact and discover what activities are organised in your country.

Grand CoalitionThe e-Skills for Jobs campaign comes under the umbrella of the European Commission’s Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, an EU-wide multi-stakeholder partnership helping to address a shortfall in the number of European citizens with ICT professional skills, and to exploit the employment creation potential of ICT. More on the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs