Francisco Lopez Crespo Receives the CEPIS ICT Professionalism Award

The CEPIS ICT Professionalism Award was given to Francisco Lopez  Crespo who was the first president of CEPIS in 1991. With a career that spans over more than three decades, Francesco had various roles both in the private and in the public sector. He was the CIO of the Spanish Ministery of Foreign Affairs and he was also active in the international scene. 

About Francisco Lopez Crespo

Francisco height=During more than 34 years, Francisco Lopez Crespo worked in the profession as both a corporate employee (private and public sector) and in ICT professional societies CEPIS and ATI.

As a corporate employee, he addressed policy issues, legal initiatives, boosting innovative IT projects and information security techniques embedded in systems and organizations. He managed large and complex projects. During the past seven years of his career, he was the CIO of the Spanish Ministery of Foreign Affairs.

In the latest eighties he worked in the application of expert systems methods and technology to administrative procedures. Francisco participated in the development of innovative initiatives related to electronic signature regulations and information security standards, legal regulations and policies. He is co-author of the Magerit Risk Assessment Methodology, which is a reference in NATO and ENISA.

He has been deeply involved in the design and launch of the project of Secure Administrative Notification Service (with full legal value). He actively participated in the creation of the ICT Professional Body of the Spanish Central Administration, which is in charge of the management, development and deployment of ICT application in all fields of the Spanish Administration. He is member of the High IT Government Council and sat on several cross-border administrative committees.

The international dimension is very important in all Francisco’s career. He actively participated as the Spanish representative to European Union and European Commission working groups, and the OECD Working Party on Information Security and Privacy (in particular in the elaboration of Guidelines for Cryptography Policy and Guidelines for Information Security).

He was involved in CEPIS from the very first meeting in London in November 1988; he was CEPIS President in 1991 and the representative of ATI, the CEPIS Spanish Member Society, until 2006.  He devoted attention to competences and ethics development in the CEPIS Task Force of Professional Development and Qualifications. He participated in the CEPIS position on software patentability. He has been giving lectures and teaching in post grade and specialised seminars about Electronic administration, Electronic signature, Risk assessment and Information Security. He published articles, in particular in the NOVATICA and UPGRADE journals.

ICT ProfessionalsAbout the CEPIS ICT Professionalism Award

The CEPIS ICT Professionalism Award is a pan-European award which honours individuals who have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the development of the ICT Profession. The CEPIS ICT Professionalism Award supports the mission of CEPIS and the goal of promoting the development and advancement of the ICT Profession in Europe. More on CEPIS' Work to Foster ICT Professionalism