Swiss Informatics to Promote Software Specialist Titles

software specialist titlesMany software projects are still struggling to succeed, some fail entirely and others leave a considerable pile so-called “technical debts”.  While building software is admittedly a complex process, sound techniques have been developed in the past 30-40 years to manage this process. However, these techniques are rarely used in practice due to a lack of a renowned brand for professionals that have these skills.

CEPIS Member Society in Switzerland, Swiss Informatics (SI), recently started a project aiming to provide the many holders of university degrees in computer science, information systems and related disciplines the opportunity to obtain and retain specialist titles that distinguish them from other ICT professionals.

An important feature of these titles is that they are awarded by the professional society and neither a specific software or hardware manufacturer nor a specific university/school or some segregated organization. Analogous titles in more traditional disciplines, such as architecture or medicine, that are very successful might serve as templates.

Such specialist titles would also help increase the number of members in professional societies, strengthen them and, hence, strengthen the software discipline in the industry. SI is seeking European or even world-wide collaboration with professional societies that would also be interested in setting up such specialist titles. For more information please contact