What is 'Best Practice'?

Declan Brady, CEPIS Honorary Secretary and Chair of the Professionalism Task Force, would like to gauge Members understanding of the concept of best practice. The concept is almost fundamental to many aspects of professionnalisation; Bodies of Knowledge (BOKs), which are one of the four building blocks of any profession, contain both academic elements and industry best practice. Professionals are expected, to be using - and contributing to the development of best practice. However, the question of what is a best practice, or how a practice becomes or ceases to be a best practice, does not appear to be understood. Similarly, the best ways to implement a best practice is very subjective. And, of course, what level of capability should professionals have in order to get the best out of a best practice? This has direct relevance to the work that we are doing in the Professionalism Task Force. Can you help me to start to find answers to this question? Are you familiar with studies that have been done in this area? Do you know of evaluation methods? Please contribute, by contacting me at declan.brady@cepis.org.