Discover the 'IT Is Cool' Initiative

ITisCool4Information technology (IT) is at the heart of our society: without IT, our society would grind to a halt. IT helps companies to make wise decisions, assists governments in communicating with their citizens, makes people’s lives more easy and ensures a person can permanently stay in touch with friends and relatives. Strangely enough, few young people are interested in studies in information technology or in making a career in IT.

'IT Is Cool' is an initiative launched in 2011 by Saskia Van Uffelen to improve the image of information technology in Belgium. This initiative aims to encourage young pupils in secondary education to pursue ICT studies, and it also invites soon to be graduated students to consider a job in IT. In 2011 Saskia visited several schools throughout Belgium and talked to over 500 students about the exciting career opportunities in IT.

Education plays a crucial role in making clear how important IT is in our society. IT is Cool firmly believes IT should be embedded in every aspect of education. Schools should become IT Schools, using digital content and interactive ways of learning, ensuring students have the same access to digital tools at schools as they have at home.

More about the ‘IT Is Cool’ Initiative (Only available in French or Dutch)