CEPIS Green ICT Survey on Energy Efficiency - Report

The CEPIS Green ICT Survey Report, presented at the 48(12) Council, is now available for download. This pan-European report was developed by the CEPIS Green ICT Task Force representing 10 countries and led by the Hellenic Professionals Informatics Society. The findings of the Green ICT survey, to which over 350 organisations across Europe responded during 2011 are analysed in this report. One of the key findings of the survey is that the top three countries with organisations that have the greenest ICT practices in Europe are Greece, Ireland and Switzerland. CEPIS invites its Member Societies to disseminate this interesting report within your societies. A CEPIS press release highlighting the report will be disseminated by the Secretariat, if CEPIS Members would like a press release template that can be tailored to their own society, please email Carol-Ann Kogelman. Download the Green ICT Survey Report