Spanish CEPIS Member Supports Women in IT Debate during International Digital Contents Fair

The International Digital Contents Fair in Spain included a debate about the presence of women in the IT profession. The debate was supported by Asociación de Tecnícos de Informática (ATI) who is also the Spanish National Point of Contact (NPOC) of the European Centre for Women and Technology, and the Spanish branch of CIONet. During the debate led by Dr. Idoia Alarcón chair of the Spanish, three outstanding women in top CIO-level positions in Spain gave their opinions about the different challenges that women in IT face. Idoia Maguregui (Novagalicia bank), Yolanda Sandonis (Carrefour Spain) and Ana Araujo (Ministry of Science and Innovation) agree that the low percentage of women in technical positions and taking up IT degrees has a negative impact on society. Further activities (some linked to European e-Skills Week) have also been planned by the Spanish NPOC for 2012.Read a Summary of the Debate

Thank you to Luis Fernández Sanz from ATI for this contribution.