Expertise of Hundreds of ICT Professionals Provides Basis for e-Skills & ICT Professionalism Interim Report

The interim report of the e-Skills and ICT Professionalism project that CEPIS and the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) have been tasked with by the European Commission has been published. This synthesis report marks the halfway point of pioneering research which is due to be completed in January 2012 and also signifies the end of Phase I of the project. CEPIS and IVI aim to provide detailed proposals for a European Framework for ICT Professionalism, and a European Training Programme for ICT Managers in the final report.

Phase I combined desktop research, analysis, and hundreds of interviews with ICT experts from across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific through the ICT Professionalism Survey. The research analysis so far suggests that the following four key areas act as building blocks for an ICT profession:

  • a common body of knowledge
  • competences
  • certification, standards and qualifications
  • professionals ethics/codes of conduct

CEPIS would like to thank all of their Members who participated in the ICT Professionalism Survey and who provided essential expert information about their attitudes to structures of professionalism within ICT.

Download the European ICT Professionalism Project Interim Report