Call for Tender to Develop Quality Labels for ICT Industry-based Training

A call for tender by the European Commission called Quality Labels for Training Fostering e-Skills for Competitiveness & Innovation has just opened. The tender is aimed at developing quality labels for industry-based training and certification compatible with the European quality assurance reference framework for vocational education and training. This 12 month long contract shall target ICT practitioners across Europe and enterprises, particularly SMEs.

The tender builds upon the achievements so far of the CEN (European Standardisation Committee) ICT Skills Workshop, and also highlights the relevance of the European e-Competence Framework. CEPIS continues to conduct relevant and important research in the field of e-skills such as the Professional e-Competence Survey and also with developing a pan-European framework for ICT professionalism, work that is funded by the European Commission.

The deadline for this call for tender is 16 September.

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