CEPIS & Professional e-Competence in Europe

The first phase of the CEPIS project to create a picture of the e-competences of ICT professionals in Europe is complete with responses from almost 2000 IT professionals in 28 countries around greater Europe. All Members who had sufficient levels of responses have now received their country reports. These reports examine the levels of competences, education, and much more and compare the national results to European averages.

Results from ten Member Societies’ countries have now been published on the CEPIS website including Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Romania and Spain. We would like to thank these countries for their successful participation which has led to a country-level report for dissemination nationally. Many Member Societies will also issue press releases on the results, and will share them with their individual members.

A European report to include an overall comparison of all respondents will be published soon.

The purpose of this research is to produce and assess an up-to-date picture of the actual digital competences of ICT professionals across Europe today, using the profiles recognised by the labour market and analysing them based on the European e-Competence Framework.

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