Data Protection to be Enforced with Harsher Regulations

In line with Directive 2009/136/EC, the European Commission has called for the enhanced security and transparency of Internet users’ rights to privacy. The new rules, which Member States must have implemented by May 25, will bind internet operators to more rigorous policies, particularly:

  • Personal data leaks – Operators will engage in storing customers’ personal data in the safest way but, in case a breach occurs, they will have to duly notify users and the competent data protection authorities
  • Cookies and behavioural advertising – Users will need to be better informed with regard to data stored and accessed in their computers; furthermore, if such data does not directly relate to a required service, surfers will need to explicitly give their consent to the transfer of information; 
  • Spam – the Directive also covers unsolicited commercial messages, which from now on must contain full information about the company to be considered legal.

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