PRESS RELEASE: Computer Experts from Across EU on Vital Importance of Developing e-Competences & ICT Professionalism

4611_CouncilBrussels, April 2011: ICT experts from 22 European countries gathered in Malta recently to provide their valuable expertise on developing ICT professionalism & building e-competences in Europe. Representatives from almost two dozen informatics associations, members of the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS), met to underline the importance of professionalism in IT and other key CEPIS strategic activities that help promote the development of the information society in Europe.

ICT professionalism is a necessary development for Europe, as creating a competitive and innovative economy depends increasingly on ICT. Worryingly though, ICT professionals suffer from skills shortages, a somewhat rigid output of ICT graduates from university, a lack of a common career path, and a need for harmonisation around the definition of an ICT professional in Europe.

With the support of its Member Societies, representing over 350,000 professionals in Europe, CEPIS’ broad network incorporating the expertise of European industry, academia and individual professionals will develop the professionalism domain. In conjunction with IVI, CEPIS has undertaken the ICT Professionalism and e-Skills project funded by the Directorate-General Enterprise and Industry.

Europe’s future as a competitive and digital economy can only succeed when its ICT professionals are equipped with the right skills to be able to fill new jobs. Keynote speaker at the 46th CEPIS Council, Mr. John Ambrogio from the eSkills Alliance Malta, also stressed the importance of matching skills to jobs.

To get a real view of the actual competences held by ICT professionals in Europe today, CEPIS is conducting a pan-European Professional e-Competence project , which analyses the digital competences of ICT professionals and how they comply with labour market requirements. The research is conducted via a web questionnaire based on the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF), developed by the CEN (European Committee for Standardization) Workshop on ICT Skills and supported by the European Commission and the Council of Ministers.

To date 2,000 professionals from across Europe have participated, and the first draft country-level report was presented in Malta to the acclaim of all of the ICT experts in attendance. A pan-European report will be compiled to provide analysis of the competences needed at a European level and will provide a clearer picture of the reality of ICT professionals in Europe today, help identify the gaps and provide the first pan-European picture of Europe’s ICT professionals.



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