ICT Professionals: Help Develop a pan-European Framework for ICT Professionalism in Europe!

The Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS) and the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) at NUI Maynooth are asking IT practitioners throughout Europe to contribute to a ground-breaking research project on attitudes to structures of professionalism within the field of IT.

CEPIS and IVI have been tasked by the Directorate-General Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission, to contribute to the development of a European framework for ICT professionalism, which is ultimately aimed at fostering the competences and the mobility of IT practitioners across Europe.

CEPIS would like to invite ICT professionals to take part in the ICT Professionalism survey, which will look to develop a clearer understanding around the following issues:

  • The need for, and structure of, an ICT Professionalism framework.
  • The impact of certification programmes on job mobility and career development.
  • How competence frameworks are and can be used to develop ICT professionalism.
  • What training and education is best suited to developing the CIO / IT Manager of the future.
  • The ethical considerations for an ICT profession.
  • The Bodies of Knowledge (BoK) currently being used by ICT practitioners.

By participating in this important project, you are helping to contribute to an improved recognition and understanding of the vitally important role that ICT, and ICT Professionals and Practitioners play in European industry, economy and society.

You can simply take the survey online, or complete the document version. Please complete the survey in either format at your earliest convenience.

You can email the document version to info[at]ICTProf.eu

Take the ICT Professionalism Survey

The results of the survey will be available for review on the www.ICTProf.eu website from the middle of June 2011.

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