Louisa Luciani - How CEPIS Women in ICT Award Helped her Career

At the closing event of European e-Skills Week last year, CEPIS launched a new award to encourage young women to take up and stay in ICT-related education and thus careers. University graduate, Louisa Luciani from Sweden, won a €500 educational grant sponsored by CEPIS.

This CEPIS grant supported Louisa in successfully completing a week-long course at the University of Utrecht’s Summer School in The Netherlands. Since completing her third-level education last year, Ms. Luciani is now working in the area of software development with Accenture, a leading global management consulting and technology services company.

As a Senior Programmer, Louisa is very busy with a project on web-portal development, and has recently spent time working in India on related business. The CEPIS-sponsored course has equipped Louisa with necessary tools in her current career; she said, “The course I was able to undertake with the support of CEPIS’ educational grant has definitely helped me in my current career…” adding that it has had a direct and positive impact where she has been able to use the valuable knowledge gained in real-life situations at work.

Louisa’s experience shows that the CEPIS Women in ICT award has successfully enabled one young woman to undertake a career in ICT.