CEPIS: Developing ICT Professionalism in Europe

The first phase of the work to develop a pan-European framework for ICT professionalism by CEPIS is advancing. A questionnaire is currently under development by the project team, and once implemented, the results will provide crucial information to progress to the next stage of the project. CEPIS members’ expertise will be essential in this next stage of the project.

The CEPIS Professionalism Task Force also discussed several issues in a virtual meeting recently. The Task Force will consider further work in the promotion of professionalism, particularly in identifying formal and informal structures that can assist CEPIS members in the promotion of IT professionalism. Developing a plan to engage with these structures for the benefit of Members will also be considered. Further, work has begun on analysing the data from the characteristics and benefits of Professionalism survey that the Task Force launched last year.