Consultation on eID, eAuthentication and eSignatures

The European Commission has recently launched a public consultation to identify how eSignatures and eIdentification can strengthen the European Digital Single Market. The European Digital Single Market relies on secure, trustworthy and easy-to-use online services. However, currently the low level of confidence by consumers in these services hinders the development of an online economy in Europe.

The Digital Agenda for Europe has started an initiative that will mutually recognise eIdentification & eAuthentication and is conducting a review of the existing eSignature Directive which was created in 1999 for a common framework on eSignatures. As part of these activities, the consultation will give everyone the opportunity to share their views on the impact of identification, authentication and signatures, and to influence future measures that may stimulate the progress of the Digital Single Market.

Take part in the Consultation on eIdentification, eAuthentication and eSignatures