CEPIS Task Forces Need You!

At the 45th Council meeting recently, the progress and development of the different Task Forces relating to the key strategic areas of CEPIS, were presented and discussed. Since the last Council meeting in spring 2010, it is clear that most of the Task Forces have become mobilised, and are active in pursuing CEPIS objectives in their respective areas.

However more participation from CEPIS Member Societies continues to be crucial in gaining success in each Task Force, and in gaining more support and visibility on a pan-European level. The following groups are seeking new members:

- Green ICT

- Professionalism

Gerald Futschek from OCG also presented the latest progress on the proposed European Citizen's Initiative on Data Privacy - if you would like to participate in this initiative please sign up. In addition, a new group, Software Quality, is open to members to start its work and the well-established Legal and Security Issues SIN is open to interested members.

If you are interested in joining any of the above please contact Fiona Fanning.