€200 million Funding for Health and Well-being in an Ageing Society

Recently at the ICT 2010 – Digitally Driven event, the European Commission announced that from the €780 million funding that has been allocated to ICT research, €200 million shall be allocated to promoting health and well-being in an ageing society.

The number of people aged over 60 in Europe is increasing by about 2 million people per year and ICT is considered essential in creating sustainable solutions and in reducing the costs related to social and health care for the elderly.

The funding shall allow for advanced ICT research to be undertaken in a number of areas including improved disease management, and a Patient Guidance Service (PGS) shall aim to secure access to personal health records, and enable patients' active participation in care processes. Research shall also focus on smart and personalised inclusion, such as advanced solutions for learning and skills acquisition.

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