Pan-European Survey on 27,000 Households Reveals Internet-usage Concerns

Recently, a pan-European survey was carried out in households across Europe on their use of telephones, TV and Internet in the home.

The survey results show that the ambitious objective to supply all European homes with broadband Internet by 2020, as outlined in the Digital Agenda for Europe, may well be possible due to the increased uptake of broadband already. However many responses reveal concerns about cost, quality of service, security and online freedom. Some of the survey findings include:

- 43% of EU households still do not have Internet access, some because Internet costs are too high. However what could be cause for concern is that 58% of these households claim that no one is interested in the Internet.

- 30% of broadband-equipped homes feel that the download speed remains inconsistent.

- 45% of those using the Internet feel that their personal data may be misused on social networking sites.

- 21% of households with Internet access feel that content has been blocked by their internet provider.

Click here for the eCommunications household survey