Participate in CEPIS' pan-European Professional e-Competence project

CEPIS Member Societies are invited to participate in a pan-European project undertaken by CEPIS on Professional e-Competence in Europe. The project will produce a snapshot of the actual competences held by IT professionals across Europe today. Starting in early September, members can join the project to assess the digital competences of today’s ICT professionals in Europe and how they comply with labour market requirements.

The benefits for participating CEPIS members include:
•    Receiving a country report that provides up-to-date information on the status of your members’ professional competences. This report may serve as a starting point for further actions to raise the profile of your organisation through interacting with local institutions, government, educational bodies, etc.
•    Gaining a valuable source of information regarding the ICT profession and interest in a standard competence framework in your country
•    Being able to determine what competencies are underdeveloped in your country and could be developed through training
•    Offering additional value to your existing members by providing access to a professional development tool and sharing the information the survey provides
•    Potentially engaging with new members by promoting a prestigious pan-European project

The survey will be carried out across Europe by the members of CEPIS and will target a minimum of 200 responses from ICT professionals in each country. An official invitation to participate will be sent in early September. Please pre-register the interest of your society by emailing Fiona Fanning