CEPIS' commitment to promoting Women in ICT highlighted as ‘excellent initiative' in The Parliament Magazine

CEPIS' activities in promoting women in ICT have received high-level attention in the media. In the most recent issue of The Parliament Magazine, CEPIS' annual award to encourage young women to pursue ICT-related education and careers is mentioned as an example of an ‘excellent initiative', through an article submitted by the European e-Skills Association. Every issue of the magazine is read by around 12,000 EU officials and professionals which makes it one of the most respected and popular periodicals in the European capital. Its content is based upon contributions from Members of the European Parliament (MEP), NGOs and stakeholder groups on issues currently under discussion within the European institutions.

CEPIS launched the first award for Women in ICT at the closing event of European e-Skills Week 2010, in March of this year. CEPIS remains committed to breaking down the gender stereotypes and encouraging women to take up ICT-related education and careers. Europe's capacity to make a strong recovery from the economic crisis will depend to a considerable extent on ICT, and with the skills shortage that is frequently predicted, we believe that women represent an untapped human capital resource that can help create the ICT-skilled labour force that Europe needs to foster innovation.

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