Education and Employment Opportunities through ICT for Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities

A report by theJoint Research Centre (JRC) ‘Using Information and Communication Technologiesto Promote Education and Employment Opportunities for Immigrants and EthnicMinorities' has just been published with the support of the EuropeanCommission.
The report gives examples of various initiatives all over Europe illustratingthat information and communication technologies:


  • contribute to the social and cultural integration of immigrants and ethnic minorities (IEM)
  • facilitate the successful integration of migrant children and youth into education and training
  • enhance vocational training and employment opportunities  


The report provides keymessages including suggestions on how policies that aim to support culturaldiversity and immigrant integration should consider the potential of ICT-basedapplications. The area of good practices in the use of ICT can also supportimmigrant integration. In general ICT access and digital literacy policiescontinue to be essential and they need to address immigrants and ethnicminorities much more. 

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