CEDEFOP Report: Most recent Skills Supply and Demand Forecast for 2020

The European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP) has recently published a new medium term forecast of the skills supply and demand situation in Europe up until 2020. It is clear that the future economy will require knowledge and skill-intensive jobs and therefore anticipating skills supply and demand is essential. The aim of this report is to provide policy-makers, employers, skills providers, employment services and individual learners with better information to make more informed decisions.

The forecast shows that Europe needs not only to increase investment in education and training, employers also need to be encouraged to better utilise the skills and talents of their staff. Based on the available data, CEDEFOP forecasts that the number of low-level qualifications is expected to fall within the labour force and women are expected to be more formally higher qualified than men. The report finds that through this initial forecast, more informative data is urgently required as well as an increased investment in methods to bring Europe on a world-wide level within the area of best practice. Information is essential, as people who choose education and career paths from now on need to make informed decisions for the best result, and to build a sustainable and informative economy in Europe.

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