Digital Competitiveness in Europe

The European Commission recently published a report entitled Europe's Digital Competitiveness. The report finds that in general Europe's digital economy is growing in strength across all sectors in the economy and that ICT has driven more than half of the productivity growth in Europe over the last 15 years. The report identifies that ICT is a key driver for the European economy and by analysing recent developments within ICT the report provides significant evidence for the creation of the Digital Agenda for Europe.

The increase in broadband communications in 2009 was the main driver of economic and social change in Europe. Now however for more innovative developments to occur and succeed in Europe, broadband speeds need to become much faster. Technically the only way for this to occur is to upgrade to new generation technologies across the board as has already occurred in Korea and Japan.

It is also apparent from the report that age and education are significant factors in how someone uses the Internet. Lack of education and skills can lead to social exclusion from the digital society also. The report suggests that investment in ICT will not work alone, but that investment in skills is needed also among other areas, in order to bring Europe smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. 

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