Women in ICT - the ECWT

In 2009 CEPIS became a member of the European Centre for Women and Technology (ECWT).The ECWT strives to represent high-level expertise in women and technology development from business, government, academia and non-profit sectors, andsupports regional innovation through leveraging resources, research, bestpractices and services.

The work of the ECWT is led by the Executive Group, a team of seven women fromacross Europe, one of whom is CEPIS Vice President Malgorzata Kalinowska-Iszkowska. This work includes focusing on four key areas:

  • education
  • workforce
  • entrepreneurship
  • leadership

National Points of Contactfrom 20 countries across Europe also aim to significantly increase the numberof women and girls active in the knowledge-based economy.

We encourage all CEPIS Member societies to become aware of and involved in thispan-European non-profit organisation.

We are interested to hear from Members who have existing initiatives in this field running in their own societies. This will help us build a clear picture of these activities across Europe and enable CEPIS to promote the issue of Women in ICT with greater strength to other Members and to relevant European Institutions.