Data Privacy Workshop – rescheduled to Autumn

A EuropeanCitizen's Initiative (ECI) about Privacy Protection was recently proposed bythe Oesterreichische Computer Gesellschaft (OCG) at the 44th Council meeting inBucharest. OCG representative, Gerald Futschek highlighted that the DataRetention Directive 2006/24/EC obliges telecommunications providers to storeall communication data for at least six months, and this has given rise toconcerns on interference with the fundamental rights of European citizens.

A workshop to discuss the feasibility of this initiative and to consider whatalternative recommendations could be proposed for the Data Retention Directive,will take place in Brussels in the Autumn of 2010.  Interested Members are invitedto attend, please note that all travel costs will be borne by the Members. Theoutcome of the workshop will be a proposal to be presented at the next CEPISCouncil.

If you would like to attend this meeting please contact, Fiona Fanning

Please visit the Members Area to view the paper andpresentation slides of this initiative as presented at Council in April.