INSEAD eLab Report: Europe needs more e-competent skills to achieve Knowledge Economy

The findings from a report on building Europe's supply of e-competences have just been published. ‘Strengthening e-Skills for Innovation in Europe' prepared by the INSEAD for the European Commission provides an overview on how leaders of government, industry and academia are working to build Europe's supply of e-competent professionals.

The report describes the looming e-skills gap in Europe, and explains the three types of skills that according to INSEAD eLab, are required to boost competitiveness. The skills area of social integration is the largest and requires digital literacy.

Universities and industry have made significant efforts in building e-curricula to produce e-competent professionals.  The report describes each sector in detail using real-life examples, and also provides a list of guidelines and success factors that indicate the e-competence curriculum has achieved its goal. An action list is also recommended so that governments, academia, and firms can continue to build their e-competences, and therefore lead the way to eventually creating a European knowledge economy.

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